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Novel:Title: Rocket Jockey
Writing as:
    Philip St. John
Also as Rocket Pilot

Novel:Title: Siege Perilous
    Paul W Fairman
Also as The Man Without a Planet

Novel:Title: Mission to the MoonGroup:Jim Stanley

Novel:Title: Moon of MutinyGroup:Jim Stanley

Novel:Title: Step to the StarsGroup:Jim Stanley

Novel:Title: Fantastic Sf Art 1926 - 1954 Locus best Associational item award nomination (1976)

Novel:Title: Attack from Atlantis 
Novel:Title: Badge of Infamy 
Novel:Title: Battle on Mercury
Writing as:
    Erik Van Lhin
Novel:Title: The Cave of Spears 
Novel:Title: Day of the Giants 
Novel:Title: The Infinite Worlds of Maybe 
Novel:Title: Marooned on Mars 
Novel:Title: The Mysterious Planet
Writing as:
    Kenneth Wright
Novel:Title: Nerves 
Novel:Title: Outpost of Jupiter 
Novel:Title: A Pirate Flag for Monterey 
Novel:Title: Police Your Planet
Writing as:
    Erik Van Lhin
Novel:Title: Preferred Risk
Writing as:
    Edson McCann
    Frederick Pohl
Novel:Title: Prisoners of Space
    Paul W Fairman
Novel:Title: Pstalemate 
Novel:Title: Rocket from Infinity 
Novel:Title: Rockets to Nowhere
Writing as:
    Philip St. John
Novel:Title: The Runaway Robot
    Paul W Fairman
Novel:Title: The Scheme of Things
    Paul W Fairman
Novel:Title: The Sky Is Falling 
Novel:Title: Weeping May Tarry
    Raymond F. Jones
Novelette:Title: Into Thy Hands Retro Hugo Best Novelette award nomination (1996)

Short story:Title: Unto Him That Hath
Writing as:
    Philip St. John
Also as Adventure in Time

Short story:Title: Dead RingerAlso as And the Truth...

Short story:Title: Conditioned ReflexAlso as Mind of Tomorrow

Short story:Title: And The DarknessAlso as Omega and the Wolf Girl

Short story:Title: The New Gods LeadAlso as The Old Order

Short story:Title: To Avenge ManAlso as Vengeance Is Mine

Short story:Title: The CoppersmithGroup:Ellowan Coppersmith

Short story:Title: Doubled in BrassGroup:Ellowan Coppersmith

Short story:Title: The Faithful Retro Hugo Best Short Story award nomination (2014)

Short story:Title: Helen O'Loy Retro Hugo Best Short Story award nomination (2014)

Short story:Title: Absolutely No Paradox 
Short story:Title: Alien 
Short story:Title: And It Comes Out Here 
Short story:Title: And There Was Light 
Short story:Title: Anything
Writing as:
    Philip St. John
Short story:Title: The Band Played On 
Short story:Title: Battleground 
Short story:Title: Boiling Point 
Short story:Title: A Code for Sam 
Short story:Title: The Course of Logic 
Short story:Title: Cross of Fire 
Short story:Title: Dark Mission 
Short story:Title: The Dawn Rider 
Short story:Title: The Day Is Done 
Short story:Title: The Deadliest Female 
Short story:Title: Divine Right 
Short story:Title: Done Without Eagles
Writing as:
    Philip St. John
Short story:Title: Earthbound 
Short story:Title: Evensong 
Short story:Title: Fade-Out 
Short story:Title: The Fairy Godmother 
Short story:Title: Fifth Freedom
Writing as:
    John Alvarez
Short story:Title: Fool's Errand 
Short story:Title: Forgive Us Our Debts 
Short story:Title: For I Am a Jealous People! 
Short story:Title: Forsaking All Others 
Short story:Title: Habit 
Short story:Title: he Dwindling Years 
Short story:Title: Helping Hand 
Short story:Title: Hereafter, Inc. 
Short story:Title: I Am Tomorrow 
Short story:Title: Idealist 
Short story:Title: Imitation of Death 
Short story:Title: Instinct 
Short story:Title: In the Still Waters 
Short story:Title: The Keepers of the House 
Short story:Title: Kindness 
Short story:Title: Lady of Space 
Short story:Title: The Last Earthman 
Short story:Title: The Last Lunacy 
Short story:Title: The Last Spaceman 
Short story:Title: The Last True God
Writing as:
    Philip St. John
Short story:Title: Let 'em Breathe Space 
Short story:Title: The Life Watch 
Short story:Title: Little Jimmy 
Short story:Title: The Luck of Ignatz 
Short story:Title: Lunar Landing 
Short story:Title: Mine Host, Mine Adversary 
Short story:Title: The Monster 
Short story:Title: Moon-Blind
Writing as:
    Erik Van Lhin
Short story:Title: My Name is Legion 
Short story:Title: Natural Advantage 
Short story:Title: Nerves 
Short story:Title: No Head for My Bier 
Short story:Title: No More Stars
Writing as:
    Charles Satterfield
    Frederick Pohl
Short story:Title: No Place Like Home 
Short story:Title: No Strings Attached 
Short story:Title: Oh Say, Can You See?
Writing as:
    Erik Van Lhin
Short story:Title: The One-Eyed Man
Writing as:
    Philip St. John
Short story:Title: Operation Distress 
Short story:Title: Over the Top 
Short story:Title: The Pipes of Pan 
Short story:Title: A Pound of Cure 
Short story:Title: Pursuit 
Short story:Title: "If Ye Have Faith..." 
Short story:Title: Recessional 
Short story:Title: Reincarnate 
Short story:Title: The Renegade
Writing as:
    Marion Henry
Short story:Title: Rescue Team 
Short story:Title: Return Engagement 
Short story:Title: Robots Should Be Seen 
Short story:Title: The Seat of Judgement 
Short story:Title: Shadows of Empire 
Short story:Title: The Smallest God 
Short story:Title: Spawning Ground 
Short story:Title: Stability 
Short story:Title: Stacked Deck 
Short story:Title: The Stars Look Down 
Short story:Title: Superstition 
Short story:Title: Though Dreamers Die 
Short story:Title: Though Poppies Grow 
Short story:Title: Thunder in Space 
Short story:Title: Uneasy Lies the Head 
Short story:Title: Unreasonable Facsimile 
Short story:Title: Victory 
Short story:Title: When the World Tottered 
Short story:Title: Whom the Gods Love 
Short story:Title: The Wind Between the Worlds 
Short story:Title: The Wings of Night 
Short story:Title: The Years Draw Nigh 
Nonfiction:Title: The World of Science Fiction Locus Best Related Non-Fiction Book award nomination (1980)

Collection:Title: Early del Rey Locus Best Single Author Collection award nomination (1975)

Collection:Title: ... And Some Were Human 
Collection:Title: Anthology of Sci-Fi V31: The Pulp Writers: Lester del Rey 
Collection:Title: The Band Played On and Other Stories 
Collection:Title: The Best of Lester del Rey 
Collection:Title: Gods and Golems 
Collection:Title: Lester Del Rey Collection 
Collection:Title: The Lester Del Rey SciFi Collection 
Collection:Title: Mortals and Monsters 
Collection:Title: Robots and Changelings 
Collection:Title: Robots and Magic 
Collection:Title: War and Space 
Poetry:Title: Psalm 
Screenplay:Title: Carillon of Skulls
Writing as:
    Philip James
    James H. Beard

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