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Novel:Title: The Color of HateAlso as Color Him Guilty

Novel:Title: Deliver Us to EvilGroup:Donald Roback

Novel:Title: A Killing in GoldGroup:Donald Roback

Novel:Title: Legilative BodyGroup:Donald Roback

Novel:Title: Minor MurdersGroup:Donald Roback

Novel:Title: OutcastsGroup:Donald Roback

Novel:Title: Rivertown RiskGroup:Donald Roback

Novel:Title: Roback in BlackGroup:Donald Roback

Novel:Title: Robak's CrossGroup:Donald Roback

Novel:Title: Robak's FireGroup:Donald Roback

Novel:Title: Robak's FirmGroup:Donald Roback

Novel:Title: Robak's RunGroup:Donald Roback

Novel:Title: Robak's WitchGroup:Donald Roback

Novel:Title: Song of Corpus JurisGroup:Donald Roback

Novel:Title: The Black Roads 
Novel:Title: Fort's Law 
Novel:Title: Grim City 
Novel:Title: Loose Coins
    Guy M. Townsend
Novel:Title: The Poison Summer 
Novel:Title: Snowbird's Blood 
Short story:Title: Agent Blood 
Short story:Title: And Not Quite Human 
Short story:Title: Dark Conception
Writing as:
    Louis J. Adams
Short story:Title: Harpist 
Short story:Title: The Pair 
Short story:Title: Rodney Parish For Hire
    Harlan Ellison
Short story:Title: Visionary 
Collection:Title: Deadly Hunger and Other Tales 
Collection:Title: Final Doors 

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