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Novel:Title: Children of the LensGroup:Lensman
Hugo (series) Award

Novel:Title: Gray LensmanGroup:Lensman
Hugo (series) Award

Novel:Title: Second Stage LensmanGroup:Lensman
Hugo (series) Award

Novel:Title: TriplanetaryGroup:Lensman
Hugo (series) Award

Novel:Title: First Lensman Group:Lensman
Retro Hugo Best Novel award nomination (2001)

Novel:Title: Galactic Patrol Group:Lensman
Retro Hugo Best Novel award nomination (2014)

Novel:Title: The Skylark of SpaceGroup:Skylark

Novel:Title: Skylark of ValeronGroup:Skylark

Novel:Title: Skylark ThreeGroup:Skylark

Novel:Title: Skylark DuQuesne Group:Skylark
Hugo Best Novel Award (1966)

Novel:Title: Masters of Space Hugo Best Novel award nomination (1962)

Novel:Title: The History of Civilization Hugo Best All-time series award nomination (1966)

Novel:Title: The Galaxy Primes 
Novel:Title: Spacehounds of IPC 
Novel:Title: Subspace Encounter 
Novel:Title: Subspace Explorers 
Novel:Title: The Vortex Blaster 
Collective:Title: Cosmos
    Raymond A. Palmer
    E. E. Doc Smith
    A, Merrit
    David H. Keller, M. D.
    P. Schuyler Miller
    Earl Binder
    J. Harvey Haggard
    Lloyd Arthur Eshbach
    Edmond Hamilton
    Earl Binder
    Arthur J. Burks
    Ralph Milne Farley
    Bob Olsen
    Francis Flagg
    John W. Campbell, Jr.
    Abner J. Gelula
    Otis Adelbert Kline

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